For Rent: Creative mental suite

So you’ve stumbled across this site — most likely not by accident.  You’re looking for some design help.  Chances are you’ve got some killer ideas that you’re ready to put on the web, or advertise around town, but you’re just not sure how to bring them to fruition.

This is where you and I become a great match.  Consider me the creative neurotransmitter at the synapses of your genius thoughts; the yeast in your unlevened bread; the rain and sun on your little, green, germinating imaginations… nevermind.  You get the picture.  I can help get your ideas off the ground and onto the web, or in print!

Here’s the general process that you can expect us (you and I — no, I don’t have a mouse in my pocket) to follow:


Gather Ideas

We’ll connect and come up with a rough draft of your ideas and clarify the design goals.


From there, I’ll assemble your ideas and submit a mock-up to you for your feedback.

Approve/ Critique

You’ll give me your approval to publish, or communicate changes to be made.  (And we’ll bask in the excitement of seeing our glowing goal in sight!)


I’ll modify the work, and submit it to you for your approval. 


And finally, we’ll shove your little chickadee-of-an-idea out of the nest and watch it fly! 


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Have a more general question for me?

For starters, email is THE way to get ahold of me. Feel free to introduce yourself and tell me about the project you have in mind. Include your phone number, if you're ok with me calling you instead of emailing.

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